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Adult Social Care Sector is made up of a range of partners, which include public sector agencies such as Bradford Council, Health, Independent Care Providers, and the Voluntary and Community Centre. Given the close working arrangements across these organisations there are opportunities for career progression across the different organisations.

Will I have the opportunity to advance within the Adult Social Care sector?

Yes, the sector offers relevant training and development programmes which are structured primarily around strengthening and enhancing your skills and knowledge to help you undertake your role in the best of your ability. As part of your induction programme you will be provided with a list of mandatory and non-mandatory training which you will be expected to complete as part of your induction. Following this, depending on your role you will go through regular training to support your continuous professional development (CPD) and career progression.

Will I be supported in my role and to progress within the adult social care sector?

Yes, alongside the mandatory and CPD training offer, the sector offers other development opportunities, including coaching and mentoring to support your career progression within the organisation. The type of development that is available will be discussed with you and your manager with you as part of your regular supervision and appraisal / practice development process.

Will my role have a meaningful impact on the sector’s success?

Yes, you will be making a significant contribution to achieving Bradford District Plan’s objective to help people from all backgrounds to lead long, happy and productive lives by improving their health and socio-economic wellbeing. In front-facing roles within the Adult Social Care sector you will be doing this on a day to day basis, while in back office roles you will be enabling care services to support and meet the needs of vulnerable people.

How much influence over tasks and priorities will I get in my job role?

You will have an opportunity to discuss and share your views and feedback on the work you do. The sector strives for continuous improvement and as such managers will be pleased to hear any feedback from you on how we can enhance and strengthen the way we provide care services.

What is the job security like within the Adult Social Care sector?

Similar to other public sector organisations Bradford Council is also facing significant budget pressures, however the elected leadership have prioritised the support to vulnerable people and have invested in the service – as such there are no plans for role reduction within the Council’s Adult Social Care services.

The independent care sector is growing due to the increasing demands for adult social care across Bradford District.

Therefore the adult care sector, whether working at the Council or for independent care services can offer job security, a range of jobs and career progression opportunities.

Where can I obtain additional support to find a job and gain relevant training in adult social care?

I have been unsuccessful with previous applications or unsuccessful at interview, where can I get additional support so that I can gain a job in social care?

Please contact SkillsHouse on:
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