Bradford Enablement Support Team

A little about working in our team

We help people stay at home and regain independence as well as restore their confidence.

We work flexibly with people to reach their goals over a typical 3-week period. At the end of this time the vast majority of people become fully independent or have regained a significant amount of their independence.

Our aim is to help people to:

  • gain independence through the support of our multidisciplinary team
  • regain the skills to live well at home
  • find support for their individual needs relating to their physical disabilities, sensory loss, mental health problems or learning difficulties

Types of job roles in our team

Team Manager

You’d work with colleagues and partners to plan and coordinate the health, welfare and social care support through overseeing the work of the team.

Enablement Coordinator

You’d help people to live the life they choose through enabling positive outcomes, wellbeing and independence in their own home. You’ll supervise and oversee the work of the Enablement Assistant.

Enablement Assistant

You will support people in their own home to work towards improved health and wellbeing achieving positive outcomes for the person.

Resource Planner

You’ll coordinate work schedules for Enablement Assistants and plan the delivery of care to people receiving support.

Transition Managers

You’ll work with colleagues and partners on service developments and specialist enablement projects.

What some of our team has to say about their job with us

My job role: Community Enablement Manager (apprentice)
Department: Bradford Enablement Support Team (BEST)
Key function: Working with specialist teams and dealing with queries
Career route in: Started as a primary school teacher and used transferable skills in moving across to new role
Best bits about the job: Feeling really valued and supported to progress in the role

My job role: Enablement Assistant
Department: Bradford Enablement Support Team (BEST)
Key function: Assisting users with a whole range of personal care support
Career route in: Initially worked for a private care provider before moving over to work directly for the Council team
Best bits about the job: Always room to learn more with lots of responsibility