Independent Living

A little about working in our team

The Independence Advice Hub, formally Adult Services Access Point is the new main front door for the Health and Wellbeing Department.

We offer professional advice and guidance on all matters of wellbeing.

We advise on a range of services that enable people to stay connected and engaged in their community. We also help with support for people to access equipment and technology solutions online or from our demonstration centres.

  • Our Occupational Therapy Service supports people who are having difficulties in the home. We work with people by looking at problem solving solutions, exploring equipment or considering adaptations to their home.
  • Our Sensory Needs Service supports people who have a visual impairment and/or hearing loss or who are deaf. We offer advice, information and assess needs.
  • Our Assessment Team which helps adults who have no recourse to public funds. We provide advice, information and assessment with partner agencies to develop an appropriate support plan.

Types of job roles in our team

Team Managers (Access, Operational and Sensory Needs)

You will plan and coordinate the health, welfare and social care support through overseeing the work of the team with a focus on prevention and maintaining independence.

Social Worker

You’d support vulnerable people by assessing their support needs and make recommendations which help increase independence. You might also complete assessments for care packages.

Community Care Officer

You’d work with voluntary and community organisations that provide support to vulnerable groups as part of our wider prevention and early intervention support solutions.


You will offer interpreter services to enable dialogue with service users that ensures we can understand that person’s view, with regards to their service needs and the quality of support they are receiving.

Rehabilitation Officer

You’d work alongside Social Workers to review current packages of care, supporting and enabling service users to maximise their independence – always taking into account service user choice and carer concerns.

Occupational Therapist

You’d work with vulnerable people to assess their support needs and develop a support plan which includes aid and equipment to help maximise their independence.

Access and Information Officer

You will provide advice, information and signpost people to support services and formal assessments.

What some of our team has to say about their job with us

My job role: Advisor
Department: Independence Advice Hub
Key function: Dealing with calls from people and professionals to provide support
Career route in: No formal professional qualifications required, but relevant experience in dealing with members of the public
Best bits about the job: Every day is different and you are always learning new things

My job role: Assessor
Department: Independence Advice Hub
Key function: Supporting adults from overseas who have no access to normal public funds with domestic and procedural matters
Career route in: College and then apprenticeship route initially and then used transferable skills to progress career
Best bits about the job: Flexible working, good support and great colleagues